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My name is Katerina Romanenko.

Since 2012, I have been representing different brands and companies at various live events nationwide in the promotional industry. Since then, such titles obtained include promotional model, tech guide, brand ambassador, tour team member, manager, team lead, sales rep, and event bartender. The work I specialize in includes but is not limited to: music festivals, sporting events, special events, sponsored parties, conventions and trade shows. This industry has become a passion and lifestyle for me.


Always having an interest in all things fashion and beauty, I also pursue modeling. I have been published in several magazines, walked in various fashion shows, and am working to further my career in fashion. As of right now, I am unsigned, working independently.


Aside from modeling and event work, I have experience in bartending, serving and retail. I completed my Associates of Arts Degree at Valencia College and graduated August 2016 with my Bachelor of Arts at University of Central Florida. My degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses on Commerce (Hospitality & Marketing) and Behavioral Social Sciences with a minor in Mass Communications. With that, I hope to further my career in one of the industries I currently dabble in and have so much passion for.

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